Historically the web inter face on the Boca printers did not have a password protection by default.  The user had to create one when desired. From the newer printers running the "R" version firmware the pritner as setup with a default password.

When browsing to the web interface on these printers, you will see the below login screen.

Username = boca

Password = printer

Note: your IP address will be different than what is shown below.

The following screen will pop-up, click on the Submit button to go to the configuration page if the printer is not password protected.

Or enter the current password if the printer is password protected.

Or enter a new password to protect the printer.

Please also see: Important changes to the printer operation with FGL26R/FGL46R firmware

If you already changed the password to one of you own and lost it,  try again to find the password. If that is not successful you can only reset the printer. Print a self-test ticket before resetting the printer. For example network settings and print head settings are printed on the self-test. These settings may be required to configure the printer after the reset. Please see BOCA self-test ticket explanation.

Once you have the self-test ticket, you can Reset to factory default settings.