The printer can be reset to the factory defaults using a few different methods. Be aware that all custom settings made to the printer will be lost.

Using the control panel

  1. Depress both the MENU and CHOICES buttons while turning on the printer. Keep both buttons depressed until "FACTORY MENU" appears in the LCD window or the display starts scrolling through different topics.
  2. Using the MENU button scroll down to the "DEFAULT SETTINGS?" topic.
  3. Using the CHOICES button select "YES". Once you have done this press the TEST button. The printer will reset at this time.

Using the test button at power-on

  1. Turn off the printer.
  2. Press the TEST while powering on the printer.
  3. Keep the button pressed until the motor take a few steps (humming noise)
  4. Release the button, the printer will reset at this time.

Using the web interface (Ethernet (LAN) only)

  1. Open the web interface by entering the printers IP address in the browser.
  3. Press SAVE. The printer will reset at this time.