In March of 2022 Lemur model printers started to use the R46 logic board (s/n 485250 and higher).  This board utilizes the FGL26R## / FGL46R## firmware.  

Note the “R” firmware is not backwards compatible with other firmware version boards.  This firmware had different default values as compared to the logic board (N firmware) it replaces.

Below is an overview of these differences. 

New = printers running R firmware 

Legacy = printers running older types of firmware   

Default serial baud rate

  • Legacy – 9600 baud
  • New – 115200 baud



  • Legacy – PRINTER for both boot and normal operation
  • New – HID for boot mode; PRINTER for normal operation 



  • LPD/LPR and LPQ support is discontinued.
  • SNMP
    1. Legacy - version2
    2. New - version1


 Web interface login / Web interface password

  • Username: boca (fixed value)
  • Password: printer (can be changed to any 10 character string)


Refresh web browser after saving printer configuration trough web interface.

  • Legacy – all browsers automatically reset
  • New
    1. Most browsers automatically reset
    2. Firefox
      • Returns the following screen
      • Do not hit “try again”!
      • Close the browser and reopen it.


Email password field

  • Legacy – 25 characters
  • New – 49 characters