Why does my printer not cut on the perforation between the tickets?

It is not recommended to let the printer cut precisely on/through the perforation. Cutting on the perforation causes extra debris and it might also lead to paper jams as the perforation occasionally impedes the cutter to perform a clear cut. If tickets are not separated completely, it is obvious this will cause transportation problems and paper jams which could obstruct printer functionality.

The recommended cutting position is approx. 1 - 2 mm into the next ticket. 

If you printer is cutting in a different position it is recommended to check if the ticket are inserted in the correct orientation. Some ticket types/sizes may be inserted backwards without the printer going into an error state. Always check the orientation of your ticket where possible compare with other similar printers using the same tickets. For more information on loading the ticket into your printer please see the Ticket load procedure

To adjust the cutting position you may consult one of the manuals below depending on your printer model.

Cut or tear opto position adjustment on a Lemur

Cut or tear opto position adjustment on a Lemur UPG

Cut or tear opto position adjustment on a Lemur-C