There is one opto device mounted on an blck plastic bracket beneath the paper guide. On a Lemur-C with auto cut the cut position should be a 1/16”-1/8” away from the ticket perforation. On a Lemur-C without auto cut the ticket perforation should line up with the top edge of the cabinet or top plate.

Above image shows a SQ opto

Adjustment of opto should be done without removing the bracket from the paper guide.

The following steps should be done.

  1. The opto assembly may be moved forward or backwards to achieve the desired cut or tear location.
  2. Sliding the opto forward (in the ticket feed direction) will increase the ticket travel before it is cut or torn. Sliding the opto backwards will decrease the ticket travel before it is cut or torn.
  3. Slide the opto assembly a little bit in the desired direction. Press the TEST button on the printer to print out some self-test tickets.
  4. If the cut or tear position is not in the desired location then repeat steps 2-3.