The printer feeds the tickets, but first ticket sticks too far out off the printer mouth and/or prints blank ticket and/or does not recognize the correct ticket length, what can I do?

  1. Tickets might have been inserted wrongly into the printer. Please release tickets from printer, turn the stack of tickets and insert the ticket that is currently on top of the stack/pile. Please also see our ticket loading procedure

  2. The optical sensor in the printer is dirty. This obstructs the sensor from reading the black mark on the ticket correctly. Please see  our cleaning procedures (Cleaning the optical sensor (opto) on a Lemur or Cleaning the optical sensor (opto) on a Lemur-X)

  3. The black mark position on your ticket stock is incorrect. Please download our ticket specifications and check the correct black mark position for the length of your ticket to match your printer.

  4. The black mark on the tickets is of poor quality (more grey than black). Please change ticket stock.