A lemur-X printer has two optical sensors (optos) to detect the presence and position of the tickets. These sensors needs cleaning periodically or when paper detection or positioning issues occur.

Once a year the sensors should be blown off with air. This interval will vary depending upon the environment and the 

quality of the ticket stock. You may get access to the sensors by opening up the print head assembly.


The location of these sensors may vary depending how your printer was configured when it left the factory. In some configurations both sensors are located underneath the print head assembly. In other configuratiuons one sensor may be located towards the rear of the printer and the underneath the print head assembly.

Note: Sample image of a printer with both sensors underneath the prin head assembly.

Lemur-X (P) model

On a Lemur-X (P) that has a Presenter module, the ticket taking sensor should also be cleaned too. This sensor is located in the presenter module.