It seems as though there is no communication between my PC and my BOCA Printer, what do I do?

Please make sure that the printer is in its correct "Online" status. This is indicated by a green ready light.

To simply verify this press the "Test" button on the printer. And verify that Self-test ticket will be printed correctly.
When a self test doesn't print (no tickets, incorrectly inserted tickets) the printer stays busy(off-line) thus is not able to communicate.

If you are able to print a Self-test ticket then check the following:

  • Check if the interface cable is still connected into the correct port on the Boca Lemur. (See How to identify the interfaces on my BOCA)
  • Try another USB port on the device.
  • Try another cable and/or try another PC.
  • USB 3 is currently not supported, try using a USB 2.0 hub between the printer and device.
  • When using Ethernet check the following article Printer does not get a correct IP address when connected to the network.
  • if serial I/F printer: Check baud rate is correctly on printer and PC.
  • If serial I/F printer: Using an old serial cable on new Lemur printer. It must use new RJ12 cable.