To power your BOCA Lemur-X/Lemur-Z printer, use the original power supply that is supplied with the printer. 

This power supply can be identified by the “24V 2.71A” output rating on the label.  


When powering on the Boca Lemur-X / Lemur-Z, follow the steps below:

  1. First attach the round DC connector of the 24VDC power supply into the printer.
  2. Next plug the AC cord into the 24VDC power supply. The printer will automatically power on once the AC cord is plugged into its AC source. 

Wait five seconds after power is applied to the printer, during this time you will hear the cutter knife cycle (is printer is equipped with a cutter)

To power off the printer follow the steps in the reverse order. Unplug the AC cord from the power supply or the unplug the AC cord from the AC source before disconnecting the power supply from the Boca.

Please read the Safety information and Installation instructions in the Operator’s manuals.  

These manuals can be found at:  Operator's manuals and Programming Guide