To adjust the paper path for use with a different ticket width, adjust the slider bar to the fully open position. Insert your ticket stock into the paper guide. Adjust the slider bar down to the proper ticket width, making sure the bar is not too tight against the ticket. The ticket should move freely in the paper guide path.

Above photo is of a RDJW paper path set for 2” wide stock

On reverse adjustable printers (RADJW or RADJ4), the “special head” setting via the control panel must be changed to match the new ticket width. If the printer doesn’t have the optional control panel then the width adjustment can be made via a software command. For more information on this setting please see Change special head setting (print head setup for RADJW & RADJ4 only)

No special head setting change is necessary on standard adjustable printers (ADJ4, ADJW or ADJ2).

Above photos are of ADJ2 set for 2” wide stock (left) and ADJ2 set for 1” wristband stock (right).