To adjust the paper path for use with a different ticket width, adjust the adjustable rail to the fully open position. Insert your media into the paper guide. Adjust the adjustable rail down to the proper ticket width, making sure the rail is not too tight against the ticket. The media should move freely in the paper path. 


If the adjustable rail is adjusted too tightly against the media, then this will lead to feed or media jam issues. You may notice the media will either be buckled upward or downward. If there is a feed or jamming issue then move the adjustable rail away from the media a little (no more than 1/16”).

 If the adjustable rail is adjusted too wide then the media may have too much free play side to side. This will cause the printout to move around on the ticket. If the printer is configured for black timing mark use, then this may not allow the black timing mark to pass over the cut sensor, which will lead to paper jam errors, miscutting of the media.