There are two optical sensors (opto) which are responsible for detecting where the ticket stock is as all times. The location of these sensors may vary depending how your printer was configured when it left the factory.

Black Timing Sensor Adjustment

There is one optical sensor (opto) mounted on the aluminum or plastic rail (with RED dot on it) that senses the black timing mark on the thermal media, this opto controls the cut or tear position. The ticket load sensor (yellow dot) should not be moved.

The following steps should be done with the printer powered off.

  1. The sensor may be moved forward or backwards to achieve the desired cut or tear location. On a printer with auto cut the cut position should be a 1/16”-1/8” away from the media perforation.

  2. Sliding the sensor forward (in the ticket feed direction) will increase the ticket travel before it is cut or torn. Sliding it backwards will decrease the ticket travel before it is cut or torn.

  3. Slide the sensor to the desired location. The sensor must not be position under the bridge between the openings as

    the opto will fall out.

  4. Power up the printer and load media. Press the center TEST button on the printer to print some self-test tickets.

  5. If the cut or tear position is not in the desired location then power off the printer, unload the media and repeat steps 2 through 4.