The Boca printers FGL24/44 and were  can support two dimensional (2D) bar codes. There are four 2D barcode types currently supported.  They are:

1.    PDF 417 – Portable Data File

2.    DTM – Data Matrix

3.    QR – Quick Response (26/46 printer only)

4.    AZ – Aztec (26/46 printer only)

To print the 2D bar codes it is necessary for the printer to have a version of firmware and resident font files that are new enough.

Below is a table showing the minimum firmware version needed for each feature.  These version number apply to both 26/46 Lemur models.


Minimum Firmware Version

Minimum Fonts Version

PDF Bar Code



DTM Bar Code



QR Bar Code Version 7



QR Bar Code Version 2

FGL46G76 or FGL26M44 or FGL46N6 1)


QR Bar Code Version 15

FGL46M132 or FGL46N94 1)


QR Bar Code Version 11

FGL46M138 or FGL46N100 1)


QR correction level added

FGL46M138 or FGL46N100 1)

Not applicable

AZ Bar Code



1) Firmware version is depending on the logic board type

For more information how to print 2D barcodes consult the "TWO DIMENSIONAL BAR CODE SUPPLEMENT" of our programming guide which can be found here: Operator's manuals and Programming Guide

The newest firmware can be found here: Firmware and resident fonts

Font file SB02 is the biggest font file that will fit in an FGL 24/44 Ghostwriter printer.  

Font file SB07 is the latest release and contains all the fonts of both SB06 and SB09 for a Boca Systems 26/46 Lemur model printer.