This manual is only applicable to Lemur Universal Paper Guide (UPG) paper path printers using the 200L4 or 300L4 print heads. The special head settings is not supported in printers using the 200C3 or 3003X print head, like Lemur-X UPG and Lemur-C UPG.

We have found that some software providers who send data to us via WYSIWYG have their ticket layout formatted towards the bottom of the ticket.  As you face the printer where the tickets exit the data will be on the left-hand side. 

  • RADJ4 and RADJW this is no issue because this is where the ticket stock is.
  • UPG path printer that data is printed off the ticket because the ticket is orientated  on the right-hand side of the printer.

We added a new setting (<phc2> available in firmware version N147 and higher) to allow special head settings with UPG (Universal Paper Guide).  This is needed for some customers that had RADJ special head settings and are now having problems printing on the UPG printers.

Note: the <phc2> setting is default on all Lemur UPG printer made since February 7th 2020.

The BOCA printer has a special head setting that enables the print width to be set to match the width of the stock being used. 

To change the special head setting:

  1. Measure the width of your tickets.
  2. Switch on the printer and feed the ticket stock into the paper path.
  3. The printer should now position the ticket.
  4. Keep both MENU and CHOICES pressed until “FACTORY MENU” appears on the display (or the display starts scrolling through different topics).
  5. Use MENU to scroll to ”SPECIAL HEAD?”. (You may use TEST to scroll backwards in the menu)
  6. Use CHOICES to scroll to the appropriate menu setting for your ticket width.

    Your ticket width

    Menu settingRelated FGL command
    2" (50,8mm)REV ADJ2 P1<sph4>
    2.125" (54mm), credit card sizeREV ADJ2.125 P1<sph16>
    2.5" (63,5mm)REV ADJ2.5 P1<sph7>
    2.7" (68,6mm)REV ADJ2.7 P1<sph10>
    3" (76,2mm)REV ADJ3 P1<sph13>
    3.25" (82.6mm)REV ADJ3.25 P1<sph19>
    4" (101,6mm), full widthNO<sph0>

  7. Use TEST to select.
  8. "EXIT AND SAVE?” will appear on the display.
  9. Use TEST to confirm.
  10. The printer should now initialize.
  11. Printer is ready for use

Below is a visual overview of those settings for Universal Paper Guide (UPG) paper path (with <phc2> command enabled)