The list below helps you to identify the type of print head cable installed in your BOCA printer. It also shows the correct orientation where possible.

2003, 3003, 2004 & 3004 heads

These older heads use the S422557-25 (CABLE RIBBON, THERMAL HEAD (3.25'' & 4.0'') 25'')



Make sure the key pin in the cable matches with the key on the print head. The non keyed side of the cable goes onto the logic board.

Note the position of the red wire

200C3 for lemur-X

The lemur-X uses two separate cables. Part number S424181 (Cable, Print Head 2C for Lemur-X (single cable))




200C3 (2C) on Lemur-C

200 DPI 3.25” print head with grey head cable identified has A and B tags as shown. 

Part number S424010

200L4 (2L)

200 DPI 4” print head with black head cable has A and B labeling, or Dot on A side.

Part number S424060

300L4 (3L)

300 DPI 4” print head with white head cable has A and B labeling, or Dot on A side. The 300L4 also has a common connecting wire that is oriented to the outside of the print head.

Part number S424059