The TrueType Font Character Set command - <TTCP#> and <ttcp#> allows you to change the character set of the downloaded true type.

The TrueType fonts, unlike bitmap fonts, are designed to support multiple international character sets using a single font file. This support is providing through the use of codepages which are basically mapping tables used to select a related groups of characters from a much larger master set. The characters are selected and arranged in the extended character region of a single byte font to support the various international writing systems and alphabets. These character sets conform to international standards and allow the printer to be used with operating systems that have been deployed around the world. Currently the printer offers support for a number of Microsoft Windows and MS-DOS character sets. The printer’s TrueType character set can be easily changed either permanently or temporarily through the use of FGL commands. 

The code pages supported by the printer are listed below. However, it must be noted that not all TrueType fonts support the entire list of code pages; it is the user’s responsibility to make sure the TrueType font file contains the characters necessary to support the selected code page. This restriction applies to resident fonts as well as fonts downloaded to the printer by the end user.

The TrueType code pages can only be selected using one of the following FGL commands - <TTCP#> (temporarily stored) or <ttcp#> (permanently stored).  


  • # is the ID number shown in the table below. 
  • The upper case command temporarily selects the code page and the lower case command is used to permanently change the printer’s power on default value.

IDCharacter Set Description
11250  Windows Central European
21251  Windows Cyrillic
31252  Windows Latin I (Factory default)
41253  Windows Greek
51254  Windows Turkish
61255  Windows Hebrew
71256  Windows Arabic
81257  Windows Baltic
9437  OEM US (MS-DOS)
10858  OEM Multilingual Latin + Euro (MS-DOS)

NOTE: Fonts are software protected by various worldwide intellectual property laws.  Permanent download of any TrueType font may be subject to licensing restrictions imposed by the owner and/or licensor of the font.  Check with your font supplier to ensure that your intended use of fonts is properly licensed.