During normal (multiple ticket mode) operation, the printer will stop for several hundred milliseconds within each ticket to allow the cutter to cycle.  This break in the print cycle causes a small (under .005") line in the printout.  Under normal circumstances, this line is barely detectable and of little consequence.  However, the line would make it difficult to read a bar code printed across this area (approximately .75" to 1" from the right edge of the ticket).  

This line can be avoided by placing the printer into single ticket modeSingle ticket mode adds approximately 1.5" to 2" of paper feed time (about .5 seconds) to each ticket.  



Setting Ticket Mode through the menu:

  1. Depress both the MENU and CHOICES buttons while turning on the printer.  Keep both buttons depressed unit "FACTORY MENU" appears in the LCD window or the display starts scrolling through different topics.

  2. Using the MENU button scroll down to the "TICKET MODE?" topic.
  3. Using the CHOICES button select "SINGLE" or "MULTIPLE". Once you have done this press the TEST button.
  4. On "EXIT&SAVE?" press the TEST button again. The printer will reset at this time.



This setting can also be changed via a command through the interface:



Sending the <md> command causes the printer to treat each ticket like a single ticket, even in a multiple run.  This command will be stored in flash and will remain in effect until an <me> command is sent.



This is the normal default condition of the printer. This command will be stored in flash and will remain in effect until an <md> is sent.