This manual is only applicable to RADJW & RADJ4 paper guide printers.

This setup is applied when tickets with a black mark position at 5.8125” (147.6mm) from the leading edge are used. This position is known as the “Cinema” position. The default  "Standard" postion has the black mark at 6.688" (169,9mm) from the leading edge.

Please follow the steps below to position the opto detector in your printer correctly for “Cinema” setup:

  1. Slide the opto detector approx. 7/8” (22.23 mm) towards the printer output.
  2. Turn the printer OFF and ON (wait approx. 10 sec. between OFF and ON).
  3. Let the printer initialize.
  4. Print a self-test ticket.
  5. See if the tear-off / cut-off position is OK.
  6. Repeat above procedure until the correct position is reached.


  • For printers without a cutter make sure the perforation is at the tear-off position (perforation should be parallel with upper edge of printer cabinet (cover).
  • For printers with a cutter make sure the printer cuts just after the perforation, max 1/32” (1mm) into the next ticket.

To setup the printer for "Standard" paper guide use the same procedure as above only slide the opto detector approx. 7/8” (22.23 mm) towards the input of the printer.