Below reviews how to replace the 3.25" wide platen on a Lemur with cutter. Different type of platens are used due to manufacture date and different print widths. 

The follow needs to be done with the printer powered off and unplugged from the AC source.

  1. Remove the cover from the printer.
  2. Remove the four Philip head screws and one ¼” Hex head screw that holders the electrical cover onto the plastic cabinet.
  3. Loosen the four Philip head screws so that the stepper motor may be moved forward to remove tension from the driver belt. Remove the drive belt.
  4. Remove the four Philip head screws that hold the cutter assembly onto the printer cage. Allow the cutter to drop down.
  5. With a pair of grip ring or Truarc pliers remove the grip ring (as shown in the above photo) off the platen shaft.
  6. Unlock the cam lock level and gently remove the head mounting plate/print head from the printer.
  7. Grab onto the white pulley and slide the platen in the direction shown in the below photo. On the pulley side you will want to make sure the bushing comes out of the print cage. The bushing on the other side should be left alone. Once free, manoeuvre the platen out between the print cage and cutter assembly.
  8. Install the new replacement platen. Install the grip ring back onto the shaft.
  9. Make sure the platen is manually able to spin freely. If it not able to spin freely then the grip ring may be binding too tight and need to be adjusted a little. You also want to make sure the pulley is not rubbing against the cutter assembly.
  10. There should also be very little side to side free play too. Adjust the location of the grip ring if needed.
  11. Install the drive belt back on between to the pulleys. Slide the stepper motor back just enough to take up the belt tension and tighten the four Philip head screws.
  12. Grab onto the driver belt and put in back a few times. You want to make sure the platen still moves freely. There should be no binding. If there is binding, then you may have too much tension on the drive belt. Adjust if needed.
  13. Install the cutter assembly back onto the print cage and make sure the ground wire is attached back on as shown in step #4.
  14. Install the head plate/ print head back in place and lock the cam lock lever.
  15. Install the electrical cover back in place. You will need to make sure that the two wire tabs go back through the ¼” Hex head screw.
  16. Put back the cover.
  17. The printer is now ready to be tested.