Below reviews how to replace the thermal print head in your printer. Different type of print heads are used due to manufacture date, dots per inch (DPI) and size. A DPI of a printer may be determined by taking a look at the Width and DPI area of the printer’s serial number tag.

The follow needs to be done with the printer powered off and unplugged from the AC source.

  1. Remove the print head with print heead mounting plate from the printer.
  2. Once the print head has been taken out of the printer; loosen the two Philip head screws until the thermal print head disengages from the head plate. Take care not to lose lock and flat washers.
  3. Gently unplug the cable from the old print head and plug it into the new print head. If your print head has two cables then this should be done one cable at a time so not to mix them up. The cables are keyed (see examples below). The keyed position must be lined up while plugging the cable into the print head. You should not have to use excessive force to do this.
  4. Install the print head back onto the print head mounting plate.
  5. Install the print head with head mounting plate back into the printer and lock the cam lever.