The BC cutter with the SQ opto setup may need cleaning when the printer is not able to detect the position of the blade. This usually results in a cutter failure at power on.

Turn off the printer and remove the power cord before proceeding with the cleaning process.

  1. Remove the cabinet from your printer.
  2. Remove the ground screw holding the ground wires.
  3. Remove the four screws holding based plate to the lower cabinet.
  4. Lift the print cage out of the lower cabinet.
  5. Place the print upside down on the print cage.
  6. Now you can see the inside of the cutter unit.
  7. Carefully the two screws holding the opto bracket to the cutter housing from the front of the cutter. Note where each screw was located.
  8. Clean the optos.
  9. Clean the tip of the finger. The white paint on the tip should be clearly visible.
  10. Put the opto bracket back into place. If a longer and shorter screw was installed, then the long screw should be closed to the knife of the cutter.
  11. Put the print cage back onto the lower cabinet and secure with the four screws.
  12. Locate all ground wires and put these back on the ground location using the hexagon screw.
  13. Put the cabinet back onto the printer.
  14. Power on the printer and check if the printer initializes correctly.
  15. Paper out should appear on the display.
  16. When paper is inserted the printer should continue with the initialization process and then be read.
  17. Press test to print and cut a ticket.

If the cutter still fails, your cutter settings may be wrong or the cutter and/or cutter control (logic board) may be defective.

Please contact us for any further assistance by creating a suport ticket. Make sure to provide us the serial number of the related printer.