Printers with magnetic encoding (MAG46 and Lemur-M) have either a Burster assembly or a Cutter assembly installed to separate the tickets.

Before any cleaning is done, switch off the printer, remove the tickets and remove the cover from the printer.

Cleaning Burster blade

The burster assembly is a fully integrated burster blade mechanism powered by a solenoid.  The burster requires no adjustments and is rated for approximately 400,000 bursts.

  1. Inspect the burster blade and clean it if a buildup of material is seen on the blade. Material buildup will mostly be found on the backside of the blade that faces where the tickets are loaded into the printer.
  2. Using a 6” cotton tipped applicator and isopropyl alcohol gently clean the burster blade.

Cleaning cutter assembly

The cutter area should be blown out with air periodically to prevent debris from building up inside the cutter area. The required cleaning interval varies greatly depending on the quality of the ticket stock and the amount of paper dust entering the cutter area.