The paper path should be cleaned periodically to prevent erratic printer operation. Cleaning is normally done every three to four months or when you note an increase in VOID tickets. However, we recommend monthly cleaning for printers experiencing heavy ticket usage.

Before any cleaning is done, switch off the printer, remove the tickets and remove the cover from the printer.

Clean the ticket path by running the Magnetic Encoder Cleaner Strip (P/N SP63-1000) through the printer as follows:

  1. Remove the cleaning strip from its package. (some strips may need to be cut to the correct width)
  2. Manually feed the strip through the printer by turning the drive belts (see A)
  3. Move the cleaning strip in both directions 6 times in the encoder unit (see A) before move further through the printer.
  4. Turning the drive pulley on the platen to feed out the strip at the front of the printer see B).
  5. Turn over the strip and run through the printer a second time (steps 2-4).
  6. Wait for few minutes for the cleaning liquid to evaporate