The Mini/Micro? setting defines if the printer has a cutter unit installed. 

ValueDescriptionFGL command
MINIIs for a printer with a Cutter Assembly (in all available print paths)<min>
MICROIs for a printer without a Cutter Assembly (in all available print paths)<mic>
MINI1/MICRO2Is for a printer with a Cutter Assembly in P1 and without Cutter Assembly in P2
MICRO1/MINI2Is for a printer without a Cutter Assembly in P1 and with Cutter Assembly in P2

On a printer with a display you can use the steps below or you can send the command via the configure and test program.

  1. Depress both the MENU and TEST buttons while turning on the printer.  Keep both buttons depressed until “OPERATOR MENU” appears in the LCD window or the display starts scrolling through different topics.
  2. Using the MENU button scroll down to the “MINI/MICRO?” topic.
  3. Using the CHOICES button select the desired setting. Once you have done this press the TEST button to confirm.
  4. The display should show “EXIT AND SAVE?” press the TEST button a second time. The printer should reset itself.

A Boca printer with a cutter installed has never been designed to be used without the cutter. If the cutter is switch off the printer will not feed the ticket to the correct position to tear off the tickets. You can however tell the printer to print a number of ticket where only the last ticket will be cut by using the appropriate print commands:

Print and no cut
Print and cut / feed to tear off position

On both a printer without and with a cutter a job should always end with a <p> as print command.