The print head should be cleaned periodically to prevent debris from building up on the print element. The required cleaning interval varies greatly depending on the quality of the ticket stock and the amount of dust entering the print area. Excessive dirt build up on the print head will result in reduced quality. Continuing to run the print head in a dirty condition will reduce its life expectancy, as it is unable to diffuse its heat properly.

The follow needs to be done with the printer powered off and unplugged from the AC source.

The thermal print head can be removed for cleaning or replacement, as follows:

  1. Make sure power is off and the AC cord is disconnected from the printer.
  3. Lift up the cam lock assembly (located above the head mounting plate) to remove pressure from the thermal head.
  4. Position the cam lock lever as far forward as possible.
  5. Flip the head back toward the rear of the printer. Denote what slot the print head was taken out of. Below photos show the different types of head mounting plates used through the production history of the Lemur series printers.
  6. Lift the print head mounting plate straight out.
  7. Clean the thermal print head surface (the side that makes contact with the paper) with isopropyl alcohol & paper
  8. Install the head mounting plate by reversing the above procedures. Make sure the print head mounting plate tabs
    are in the correct print cage slots.
  9. Restore pressure to the head by pushing down on the cam lock assembly.
  10. The printer in now ready for operation. If the print quality is still poor then the thermal head may need to be replaced.

Please also view our instruction video below.