Print speed controls the speed the ticket travels at. The slower the speed the darker the printing. The values can range from 0-7.

3Normal (factory default)

  1. Make sure you have tickets loaded into the printer and the printer is ready.
  2. Depress both the MENU and TEST buttons while turning on the printer.  Keep both buttons depressed until “OPERATOR MENU” appears in the LCD window or the display starts scrolling through different topics.
  3. Using the MENU button scroll down to the “PRINT SPEED?” topic.
  4. Using the CHOICES button select the desired speed. Once you have done this press the TEST button to confirm.
  5. The display should show “EXIT AND SAVE?” press the TEST button a second time. The printer should reset itself.

If you need to change the print speed on a printer without a display you can send a command to the printer via the interface. You may use the Boca configuration and test tool from our website, in this program you can use the “Send text” option to send one of the following commands in ASCII format.

<ps3>Normal (factory default)

Screenshot of the Boca Configuration & Test program.