You can order your new BOCA Lemur printer with integrated encoder for RFID encoding. This allows you to both print and encode smart RFID tickets.


Supported Tag Types

Our current printers work with different encoders and support the following tag types:


  • MIFARE Ultralight (ISO 14443A) – 13.56MHz
  • MIFARE Ultralight EV1 (ISO 14443A) – 13.56MHz
  • MIFARE Classic 1K (ISO 14443A) – 13.56MHz
  • MIFARE Classic 1K EV1 (ISO 14443A) – 13.56MHz
  • MIFARE Classic 4K (ISO 14443A) – 13.56MHz
  • MIFARE Classic 4K EV1 (ISO 14443A) – 13.56MHz
  • MIFARE Ultralight C (ISO 14443A) – 13.56MHz
  • MIFARE DESFire EV1(ISO 14443A) – 13.56MHz
  • NXP NTAG203 (ISO 14443A) – 13.56MHz


  • I-Code SLI (SL2) (ISO 15693) – 13.56MHz
  • I-Code SLIX (ISO 15693) 13.56MHz

UHF RFID (RT400 encoder)

  • ISO 18000-6C/EPC C1 GEN2 – 840-960MHz

Note: Some features may be limited due to reader restrictions or not supported at all.


RFID information

Printer specifications

To integrate the RFID smart ticket solution into your system, please see also the documentation mentioned below.:

FGL programming guide, RFID addendum

The RFID addendum explains the FGL command structure for the different RFID tag types.

Sample code

The sample code contains many notes to help you integrate the code into your own program.

  • For interfacing; see sections: “IPSupport.cs”, “USBHIDSupport.cs” or “DriverSupport.cs” depending on the type of interface used.
  • For RFID encoding; see the end of section: “FrmBoca.cs”