The center 58mm (p/n A424069-Z-5) or 60mm (p/n A424069-Z-9) or 80mm (p/n A424069-Z-8) infeed guide enables the Lemur-Z to be used in existing kiosk using said media widths that needs to be centered in the middle of the printer.

The below reviews how to install the optional centering paper guide. 

  1. The guide is mounted onto the back of the Lemur-Z using the hole shown in the photo below

  2. Use the #4 -40 self-tapping screw that came with guide to mount it onto the printer. Firmly hold the guide down while tightening the screw.
    Above shows 58mm center guide (p/n A424069-Z-5)
     Above shows 80mm center guide (p/n A424069-Z-8)