We are aware that system partners provide their end-users with web applications (web apps) that are running in (third party) web browsers like, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.  These applications are often platform, operating system (Windows, MacOS, Linux), and browser independent. We recommend contacting your software provider to inform which platform, operating system and browser are recommended/supported. 

While most web applications print tickets using the Boca FGL printer driver installed on the local computer, we have seen some web applications that send RAW ACSII data (FGL) directly to the IP address (network interface) of the Boca printer. How and if this works, is highly depending on the web browser and ticketing software. Occasionally, a software supplier will install a print engine on the local computer to relay the printout from the browser to the Boca printer. 

In all cases, the ticketing software is heavily depending on third parties like; the operating system, web browser and platform to print. Any update in either of them could lead to the tickets not being printed correctly. An update of the web application is in some cases required, in other cases changing the web browser is sufficient.  

Print out issue after web browser update

We have been contacted by customers in the past where after an update of the web browser (or operating system) the printout suddenly changed. 

For example:

An update of Chrome caused the printout suddenly to rotate 180 degrees, printing upside-down. In this case, we recommend trying another web browser like, for example, Firefox to resolve the issue. 

It has also proven not to be unlikely that sequential updates may cause similar issues in other web browsers like, for example, Firefox, where switching back to, for example,  Chrome may be required to “resolve” another printout issue.

Recommended settings 

For those web applications using the Boca FGL printer driver, the best results are achieved when using the following settings: