This roll holder kit is designed to be used with either a Lemur-X UPG or Lemur-Z model printer built after April 2021. It may also be used with a Lemur-Z using an optional 58mm or 80mm center infeed guide. This kit will work with a roll that has a minimum cord inner diameter of 1.0” or greater.

The kit (part number A424051-U) will include mounting plate, roll holder arm, spindle, stopper disc and mounting hardware.

Some parts may vary from above photo


3/16” Hex Head

#4 Taptite


3/32” Allen head screw


1/4" Hex Head

#8 Taptite


3/32” Allen wrench

  1. Attach the spindle onto the roll holder arm using one ¼” Hex head #8 Taptite screw. There are two mounting locations that may be used depending on roll outer diameter size.

  2. Install the roll holder arm mounting plate onto the printer using two 3/16” Hex Head #4 Taptite screws. The plate may be installed on either side of the printer.

    Above photo may differ from actual plate

  3. Install the one 3/32” Allen head screw into the mounting plate. Location will depend on the desired angle you want the arm at. See last page for diagram of possible arm positions angles.

  4. Install the roll holder arm onto the mounting plate and secure it in place with the provided ¼” Hex head #8 Taptite screw. Below photo shows the arm set to the 30° positions.

  5. Slide the roll holder block onto the spindle with the sensor tab towards the roll.

  6. Slide the block to the desired location.
    a. For Lemur-X and Lemur-Z without or with 80mm center infeed guide, side the block all the way to the roll holder arm. See below photo.

    b. For a Lemur-Z with 58mm center infeed guide, the block should be spaced 0.474” away from the roll holder arm. The roll needs to line up with the center infeed guide. See below photos.

    c. Orientate the sensor tab so it is parallel to the floor or bottom of printer.

    d. Tighten the Philip screw on the block to hold it in place.

  7. Tear off a full turn of the paper from the new paper roll.
    Caution: This is important as the outer end of the paper is usually secured to the roll with glue or other adhesive substance that may cause paper jam or damage the print head.

  8. Place the Receipt roll onto the spindle. If the thermal side of the media is towards the outside of the roll, the roll will turn towards the printer (as shown in the photo below). If the thermal side of the media is towards the inside of the roll, the roll will turn away from the printer.

  9. Install the stopper disc onto the spindle and slide into place. The stopper should be positioned to prevent the roll from moving too much from side to side but be allowed to spin freely.

  10. Once you have the stopper in the desired position, tighten the Philip head screw to hold the stopper in place.

  11. Once the stopper disc is in place it should not be necessary to remove it to install or remove a roll, provided the roll core inner diameter is 1.0” or greater. The core should slip over the disc.

  12. If the roll holder has been configured for use with 58mm center infeed guide you will want to run the printer to ensure media is feeding properly into the printer. If not then make necessary adjustment to the roll holder block and stopper disc for proper alignment with the printer.