A media paper guide (p/n A424050) is required when using fan folded media that has a width that is narrower than 3.25” (82.55mm).

The below reviews installing an optional adjustable paper guide.

Kit will include paper guide and four mounting screws.

  1. The paper guide is installed onto the Lemur-Z via four mounting locations.

  2. Install the paper guide on the back of the printer and align the mounting holes to the above referenced installation location. Install the four Philip 3/16” Hex head screws that were included with the paper guide and tighten.

  3. The black slider bar may be adjusted to accommodate ticket stock widths from 2” to up to 3.25”.

To adjust the paper path for use with a different ticket width, adjust the slider bar to the fully open position. Insert your ticket stock into the paper guide. Adjust the slider bar down to the proper ticket width, making sure the bar is not too tight against the ticket. The ticket should move freely in the paper guide.