For older Lemur models using the BJ## or NX## logic board

Lemur Low Paper See Through Indicator Input Kit P/N S423862-JST


Each kit comes with the following: 

  • Mini Jack JST low paper 3.5mm connector (already installed if ordered with a new printer). 
  • Paper low see-through optos and mounting brackets. If your printer was ordered with this option then this cable would already be installed. 
  • 36” connection cable 

Note: The Mini Jack low paper connector cable will look different than the above photo

The paper low see through optos brackets are normally installed a tickets width apart from each other (see photos below of typical installation). Care needs to be taken to make sure both opto eyes are properly aligned with each other.

The Mini Jack low paper cable is installed as follows if the printer does not already have one:

Gain access to the main logic board.

Screw the 3.5mm jack connector into the hole that is just above the USB interface port.

The other end connects into JDC2 JST connector on the main logic board.

Put the printer back together.

In the FGL printer a low paper condition is signaled when the printer returns a low paper status message (In Hex 0F, in decimal 15) to the host computer. The low paper condition is detected when the see through opto beam is no longer blocked. Once the low paper status is returned it will not be returned again until the triggering condition has been reset. This is accomplished by loading stock so the opto eyes are covered and cycling printer’s power.


The host computer can also solicit the current status of the printer by sending an FGL status request (<S1>) command. The printer will respond with a paper low status if the paper low state has been reached and the printer is online (paper out hasn’t been reached) otherwise is will return an X-ON status


Once the low paper kit is installed you may check that the see-through optos are working properly as follows:


  1. Unscrew the black plastic mini jack plug cover so you may get access to the wires.
  2. With the printer powered off plug the mini jack connector into the printer.
  3. Power the printer up. Using a Digital Volt/Ohm Meter (DVOM) take a voltage reading at the green wire.
    You should see the below voltage levels.
    1. .84VDC (+/- .20) when there is no ticket stock blocking the see through opto.
    2. 3.30VDC (+/-.20) when there is ticket stock blocking the see through opto.
  4. Once you have confirmed the optos are working properly then power off the printer and screw the black plastic mini jack plug cover back in place. If you do not get the above readings then check to make sure the optos are properly aligned.