Our Lemur printers may be ordered with an optional cash drawer connection. This port is designed to work with the cash drawer’s 24VDC solenoid. The ticketing software will need to provide a <DA> command to the printer in order for us to activate the cash drawer port solenoid Sending <DA> to the printer will generate a 24Volts 50ms pulse to open the Cash draw. 

Alternatively, you can set the menu item “Auto Cash Drawer” to “Yes” which will activate the cash draw interface whenever a print command is received. This still allows you to open a drawer even when your program is not able to send an additional <DA> command or when using the FGL print driver.

On the Lemur-X printers, an additional RJ12 connector is used for the Cash draw interface. 

Note: These printers have both RJ12 serial interface port and a RJ12 Cash draw interface

Signal for Drawer


  1. The ticketing software needs to be able to send down the necessary command to be able to activate our cash drawer port.  If the software is not sending down the appropriate command then the printer will need to be put in auto cash drawer mode.
  2. We do not supply the external cable to the cash drawer. However our RJ12 cash draw connector allows for an EPSON compatible to be connected.
  3. Our cash drawer port sends a 50ms 24Vdc signal to the solenoid of a cash drawer.  We recommend you check with the cash drawer manufacture to confirm their cash drawer is able to support this signal and maybe they may also have a readymade cable to work with our printer.