Creating a new paper size 

If your desired ticket size (paper size) is unavailable, you will need to add your own paper size via the print server properties. 

Please follow the steps below to add a new paper size: 

Right mouse click on the Start button 

Click on “Settings” 

Click on “Devices’ 

Click on “Printers & Scanners” 

Scroll all the way down to the end of the list and click on “Print server properties” 

On the Forms tab you need elevated rights to change the form settings, click on the "Change Form settings" button to enable this.

The select a BOCA ticket size, for example Ski

Check the “Create a new form” box

Enter at “Form name” a name for your ticket. This name will show up in the page size list in the printer driver. 

Enter the width of your ticket at “Width” and the length of your ticket at “Height” 

Width is the ticket size (paper guide width) perpendicular to the feed direction.

Height (length) is the ticket size along the feed direction

Set Margins - start with the following minimum margins and increase where necessary 

- left = 0.01” 

- top = 0.01” 

- right = 0.01” 

- bottom = 0.01”

Click on “Save Form”

Click on “Close” 

Your new paper size should now be listed in the Printer properties of the Boca driver at paper size.

My new page size does not appear in the Boca driver

When a form does not appear in the page size list in the Boca driver please check that you entered the Width and Height in the correct order.  Please review the steps shown above, you can edit the newly made page size and try to swop the value for Width and Height.