The steps below describe how the exit bezel is mounted onto your Lemur-X (2.0) printer.

The following is to be done with the printer powered off and unplugged from the AC source.

  1. The bezel kit comes with bezel and two 3/16” Hex Head screws.
    The bezel shown in the image may vary.
  2. The bezel mounts onto the Lemur-X printer via the two holes shown below.

  3. Unlock the print head assembly and lift up to allow easy access to the mounting holes.

  4. Insert the two 3/6” Hex head screws into the bezel.

  5. Align the two screws with the two top holes on the Lemur-X. Tighten the two screws.

  6. The bezel is now installed. Lock the print head assembly back closed.