For new Lemur models with BR## logic boards and all Lemur-X and Lemur-Z 

Low Paper SQ Opto Indicator Kit for mounting on the roll holder  P/N S424078


Each kit comes with the following: 

  • Cable to connect opto to the printer
  • SQ opto. 
  • Mounting hardware 

This sensor will alert the print will the paper roll physically goes below the sensor eye. When this happens the printer will send a low paper status message (0F hex or 15 decimal) to the host computer.


The sensor is installed onto the roll holder arm in the following manner.


  1. Choose the sensor location that will work best with the position the roll holder arm will be installed at.

  2. Insert the screw into the countersink side of the arm.

  3. Attach the sensor, flat washer and ¼” nut onto the screw. Make sure the tab on the sensor aligns with the slot in the roll holder arm and tighten the nut.

  4. Attach the cable tie mount to the roll holder arm, similar to what is shown in the below photo. Connect the AMP connector to the sensor and route the wire through the whole in the arm. Zip-tie the cable onto the cable tie mount.

  5. Once installed, you may plug the sensor connector into the low paper connector on the printer.

    Image above shows the connector on a Lemur-Z

In the Lemur-X and Lemur-Z a low paper condition is signaled when the printer returns a low paper status message (In Hex 0F, in decimal 15) to the host computer. The low paper condition is detected when the SQ opto no longer detecting the paper. Once the low paper status is returned it will not be returned again until the triggering condition has been reset. This is accomplished by loading stock so the opto eye is covered and cycling printer’s power.


The host computer can also solicit the current status of the printer by sending an FGL status request (<S1>) command. The printer will respond with a paper low status if the paper low state has been reached and the printer is online (paper out hasn’t been reached) otherwise is will return an X-ON status