For older Lemur models (except Lemur-X and Lemur-Z or Lemur models with BR##, NX## or BJ## logic boards)

Lemur Low Paper Indicator Input Kit P/N S423815


Each kit comes with the following: 

  • Mini Jack low paper 3.5mm connector (already installed if ordered with a new printer). 
  • Paper low switch and mounting bracket. 
  • 36” connection cable 

The paper low switch bracket is normally installed beneath where ticket tickets are stacked (see photo below of typical installation). You will need an opening where the tickets sit to allow the switch arm to protrude through. The switch height should be adjusted so it makes a clicking sound when stock is laid upon it and make a clicking sound when the stock is removed. 

JDC (on main board)

Mini Jack

The 3.5mm connector is mounting in the hole in the cabinet that is located near the USB port.

In the FGL printer a low paper condition is signaled when the printer returns a low paper status message (In Hex 0F, in decimal 15) to the host computer.  The low paper condition is detected when the external low paper switch is triggered indicating that the paper supply has reached a predefined low paper state. Once the low paper status is returned it will not be returned again until the triggering condition has been reset. This is accomplished by loading stock so the switch is depressd and cycling printer’s power.


The host computer can also solicit the current status of the printer by sending an FGL status request (<S1>) command. The printer will respond with a paper low status if the paper low state has been reached and the printer is online (paper out hasn’t been reached) otherwise is will return an X-ON status