The roll holder adaptor kit (part number A424075) will include floor plate, one roll holder arm, one spindle, one adjustable stopper and various mounting screws.  

Please follow the steps below to install the roll holder.

  1. The roll holder arm has two different heights the spindle may be set at.  The height you choose will be dependently on outer diameter of your roll.

  2. Attach the spindle onto the roll holder arm using the two Philip ¼” Hex head screws.  
  3. The six rubber feet need to be affixed to the floor plate

  4. The roll holder arm is installed onto the floor plate using the three Philip ¼” Hex head screws.  The mounting holes on the floor plate enabled the roll holder arm to be mounted for use with either Adjustable (ADJ4, ADJW, ADJ2) or Reverse Adjustable (RADJ4, RADJW) paper path printers.  

    The three different positions, enable the arm to be mounted close to or further away from the printer depending on the size of the roll. See below photo for reference.

  5. The printer is mounted onto the floor plate using the two Philip head Plastite screws.  The photo above shows the mounting hole locations to use depending on the paper path the printer has.  This information is found on the printer’s serial number tag. The two holes on the bottom of the printer will need to be lined up with the respective holes.

  6. Once the holes are aligned install the two screws and tighten.

  7. Tear off a full turn of the paper or media from the new roll.  Caution: It is important as the outer end of the media is free of glue or other adhesive substance that may cause a paper jam or damage the print head.

  8. Place the roll onto the spindle.

  9. Install the adjustable stopper onto the spindle and slide into place.  The stopper should not be binding against the roll to prevent it from moving freely.