A Lemur-X printer can be equipped with an roll holder kit. The kit (part number A424089) will include mounting plate, roll holder arm, spindle, adjustable stopper and various mounting screws.

Please follow the steps below to install the roll holder.

  1. Attach the spindles onto the roll holder arm using the two Philip ¼” Hex head screws included with kit. Spacing of the spindles will be based upon the core side of the roll.  Below photo shows the arm configured for a 3” core.

    The spacing of the spindle arms may be adjusted to accommodate different roll paper core sizes. The holes on the stopper match the spacing of the spindle arms.

  2. If your printer does not already have the mounting plate installed, then the Philip 3/16” Hex head screw shown in the photo below will need to be removed.  

    Install the mounting plate onto the printer using three hex head screws and two 3/32” Allen head screws.

  3. Install the roll holder arm onto the mounting plate and secure it in place with a Philip ¼” hex head screw.  The appendix shows the different positions the arm may be placed in.Above photo shows arm attached to a Lemur-X printer

  4.  Prior to installing the receipt roll onto the roll holder arm the printer needs to be secured in place

  5. Tear off a full turn of the paper from the new paper roll.
    Caution: This is important as the outer end of the paper is usually secured to the roll with glue or other adhesive substance that may cause paper jam or damage the print head.

  6. Place the Receipt roll onto the spindles.  Photo shows spindles configured for 3” core.

  7. Install the adjustable stopper onto the spindle and slide into place. You will need to support the back of the roll holder arm while sliding the stopper in place. Push in the middle of the adjustable stopper with your thumb. The stopper should not be binding against the roller to prevent it from moving freely.

  8. Below shows routing of the cables.