Boca Systems has developed a Windows based program that allows customers to communicate from a host computer to the printer over any interface (parallel, serial, USB, Ethernet) and print drivers too. 

The following will guide you through downloading the BOCA configure and test program to the host computer.

  1. Click on the below link to download the below file to your computer Download folder.

  2. Click on the File Explorer icon on your taskbar.
  3. You will want to go to the Downloads folder. There are many ways to get to said folder, the following is one 

    example. Double click on the Downloads folder under Frequent folder, your quick access may look different.

  4. When the Downloads pop up box comes up, right click on to highlight it. Click on Extract All.. in the dropdown menu.
  5. When the below pop up comes up click on Extract button.
  6. When the below pop up comes up double click on configure_boca folder to open it.

  7. When the below comes up right click on setup.exe and click on Run as administrator in the dropdown menu.
  8. If the below pops up, click on More info and then click on Run anyway.
  9. Click on Run anyway.
  10. The below icon may show up on your taskbar. If it does, click on it.
  11. When the user account control popup comes up, click on the Yes button.
  12. When the below Configure Boca – InstallShield Wizard popup comes up click on the Next button.
  13. On the next popup click on the Next button.
  14. On the next popup click on the Next button.
  15. While the program is installin the below popup will be shown. No action is needed.
  16. When the below pop up is shown click on the Finish button. The test program has now been installed on your computer.
  17. Once the program has installed, there will be a Configure shortcut icon on your desktop.