We do not promote updating the firmware or fonts when a printer is working correctly and only recommend updating a printer when errors are experienced. We strongly advise to contact our support team before updating to evaluate if your problem may be caused by the firmware or fonts itself. Updating the printer’s firmware or fonts without consulting our support team is at your own risk and may lead to unexpected (unwanted) results.

FGL Firmware
BOCA printers run FGL Firmware and resident font. The latest available version can be found below.  Please read the instructions carefully before starting the procedure. 

The current firmware version can be found on the self-test ticket (or display) of the printer. Please make a note of the original firmware and fonts version before updating the printer. 

Sample of revision “G” firmware with resident font version SB04 on a self-test ticket.

Sample of revision “M” firmware with 

resident font version SB04 on a self-test ticket.

Select the appropriate version for your pronter below.

zip  FGL 26/46 Printers

zip FGL 24/44 Printers

zip FGL 22/42 Printers

zip FGL 21/41 & FGL 40 Printers

zip FGL 20 Printers

Updating firmware and resident fonts

You need to use the Boca Configure and Test program to update your printer, this program can be downloaded from our support portal at BOCA Printer configuration & test programs 

Make sure to install this program using “Run as Administrator”. You always need to start the program using “Run as administrator” to enable it to update to the latest version. 

See also Installing the Windows Configure and Test Program

Make sure you always update your customer program to the latest version by pressing the “Check For Update” button as shown on the right.

Connect with your printer via interface or driver.

Once connected, try to print a FGL Test Ticket to ensure you are properly connected with the printer. 
For more detailed information please see Print FGL test ticket with Windows Configure and Test Program

If the test ticket was successful, you can select either Update Firmware (or Update Font) to upload the file into the printer.

After updating, the printer will initialize. The new firmware (and resident font) version should be visible on the self-test ticket (or display)

Sample of revision “M” firmware with resident font version SB04